Two Minutes, Two Musicians and One Guest Vocalist Equals Cookie Cutter Blowout

Graig Markel (Animals at Night) and Paul Austin (Transmissionary Six) have been hard at work recording with a series of guest vocalists for a collaborative project they call Cookie Cutter Blowout. Well, if you can call it "recording." The process goes something like this: Austin and Markel lay down a two-minute long instrumental track, then send it to a guest vocalist (they use someone new every time) without having even the slightest inkling of what the person's going to do with it. And the results so far have been downright compelling. They've got four songs up on the CCB website so far, all of which are worth checking out. I especially recommend "Shot Where It Lay," a creepy, fuzzed-out number featuring Chris Eckman's Nick Cave-esque vocals, and "Taw," which features none other than Mr. Chris Estey delivering some sharp spoken word over a jazzy backbeat in a sort of contemporary homage to Lou Reed.

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