Chloe From Smoosh Talks About Living In Stockholm, Barsuk, and Making Music In a Barn

Michelle Moore
Chloe, right, and her sister Asy, are Smoosh.
Yesterday I conducted my first interview via Skype when I checked in with Chloe, the drum half of Smoosh, whose family now lives in Stockholm. She and her sister have been busy readying their new album -- which they expect to release later this year, probably in the spring. The first single, "We Are Our Own Lies," hits the web on Jan. 31.

Has your family always split their time between Stockholm and Seattle?

Well, we're not going back and forth right now. (They live full-time in Stockholm) Our plan was to travel around Europe a little bit. We love Europe. Stockholm is really great. It's really nice, and, I don't know if we're planning on going back to Seattle, but we're planning on moving back to the States next summer. It's just a cool experience. Our mom's actually half Swedish.

What the music scene like in Stockholm?

I've been trying to figure that out myself a lot. It's pretty cool. I know some small Sweedish bands. I'm not an expert or anything. A bunch of the shows are only 18-plus and there's only a few shows that are all-ages. So, I can't go to so many.

How's the new album coming?

It's going great. We just got all ready to release this single that's coming, on the 31st of this month. It's a song called "We Are Our Own Lies". Yeah, it's kind of a new thing for us, we've never done a single before or anything. We're just going to release it digitally (independently).

Are you going to release the new album with Barsuk?

We haven't really decided on what to do with the new record.

It was a really different experience than our other albums. I think (Asy) wrote almost the whole thing here in Sweden in our grandma's little cottage way out in the woods. I made up the drum parts in a barn, actually. You had to clear out this barn that was full of hay, and put my drums in there. I think the whole album, it has a Swedish, woodsy feel to it. We've definitely incorporated some Swedish sounds in it, actually.

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