A.M. Music News: Johnny Cash's New Record, Mad Rad, Courtney Love, and A Massive Stack of Legos

-- The Tennessean: Not to be outdone by Jimi Hendrix in the posthumous release department, Johnny Cash will release the sixth and final installment in his American Recordings album series in February.

-- NME: Courtney Love says "everyone has got good lawyers" and she's gonna go ahead and use the Hole name without any other founding members.

-- SeaTimes: Rehashing the Mad Rad/Neumos incident, and why the ban has been lifted and the band's allowed to play a free show on Jan. 21.

-- GigWise: Wyclef's headed to help out in Haiti.

-- SPIN: OK GO's Damien Kulash is really, really into Legos.

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