Also Tonight: The Polish Ambassador at Chop Suey

The Polish Ambassador descends for some raucous diplomacy.
And now for something completely silly: the Polish Ambassador, hailing from Berkeley, California, is self-described as sounding like "a gay cyborg with Tourette's Syndrome." What that means in practice is unpretentious, deceptively sophisticated techno shamelessly inspired by Super NES, neon colors, and freaky space fantasies. After the jump, check out his video for "Earth Vs. The World," a low-budget farce on diplomatic life, which includes face painting, Boggle, and automatic weapons. He states on Myspace that he's "doing his part to set the Polish community forward;" if all nationalistic pursuits aimed for this level of revelry, I think there really would be world peace.

The Polish Ambassador plays with Portland's Copy and DJ Recess tonight at Chop Suey for $6.

The Polish Ambassador - Earth vs The World Music Video from David Sugalski on Vimeo.

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