Also Out This Week: Nana Grizol's Ruth

Nana Grizol rockin' out
On their brand new sophomore release, Ruth, Athens outfit Nana Grizol (Theo Hilton, Madeline Adams, Matte Cathcart, Patrick Jennings and Elephant Six alums Laura Carter and Robbie Cucchiaro) has produced a collection of lo-fi pop songs so earnest and bouncy that you can forgive 'em for being a little on the twee side. The band contains Neutral Milk Hotel horn players Laura Carter and Robbie Cucchiaro -- though the end result has more in common with Beulah than NMH -- and does not fear static, something that may have stemmed from playing with Julian Koster as his backing band for the most recent Music Tapes tour. It makes sense, then, that Ruth sounds familiar the first time you listen to it, but while it's obviously rooted in Athens' upstanding indie pop tradition, there's something fresh and new about Nana Grizol that keeps them from sounding too much like their Elephant Six comrades.

If you haven't heard Nana Grizol before, you can check out an exclusive mp3 from the record, "Galaxies," over on everyone's favorite DIY music blog, Three Imaginary Girls. The band's albums, however, have got nothing on their live shows, which is why you really need to go see them at the Vera Project next Tuesday. They play with iji, the Max Levine Ensemble and A Million Years, and tickets cost a mere $6.

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