There Are Misspelled Names, and Then There's Misspelling Kurt Cobain's Name

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The D List is lucky it didn't fuck up the spelling of this Kurt's name.
Every publication makes boneheaded spelling errors, even this one. But in this week's D List, a techno-centric local glossy that seeks to portray Seattle as South Beach with mountains, there's an article on The Tripwires by a writer named C-Leb on page 40. Here, the following passage appears:

"Mark Pickerel, the original drummer for The Screaming Trees, is a self-entity of musicality alone, having recorded with everyone from Curt Cobain to Brandi Carlile, and currently carries the torch of Mark Pickerel and His Praying Hands."

Chris Novoselic and Dave Krohl couldn't be reached for comment.

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