Sub Pop Signs Jaill, Another Non-Local Band

Christmas in Jaill
Which is awesome for Milwaukee-based band Jaill, but uh, it's hard not to notice that Sub Pop hasn't signed a Seattle band all year, something Jonathan Poneman addressed when Chris Kornelis asked him about it.

Actually, there is AFCGT, but I am not 100% sure exactly when that signing happened -- it may have actually been 2008 -- and besides, that doesn't really count to me because the band is A Frame and Climax Golden Twins, and A Frame was already signed to Sub Pop. Of course, record labels are not obligated to sign local bands from the city/region in which they are located. Still, it'd be nice if Seattle's biggest record label could find a way to hook up some locals with a record contract next year.

And yet, when I think about it, I also can't come up with any bands off the top of my head that would be a wildly appropriate fit for Sub Pop, either. What do you think, friends? Should Sub Pop be trying harder to sign local bands? Or is the conspicuous absence of local signings merely a reflection upon the less-than-stellar state of our scene?

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