Ragin' Asian: Bon Jovi, Free Pizza, and Eight-Packs @ Kells

Kells (1916 Post Alley) is an Irish restaurant and pub that stands just above Pike Place Market. But the only thing that appears Irish about it on the surface--at least on weekends--is the steak and kidney pie featured on the menu... which I've been informed, is actually British. Sorry to take away your credit, Brits!

It exudes the same sort of atmosphere that '80s nights does at so many college bars. The joint was packed with 20 and 30-somethings drinking beer and throwing back shots of tequila to Bon Jovi and Journey on Saturday night.

It was fun and unpretentious until we spotted a guy lifting up his shirt so that the three blondes he was chatting up could - I kid you not - count his abs. (From where we were standing, the total came to eight.) The girls actually giggled and played along. Wow. When did the cast of MTV's Jersey Shore move to Seattle?

On the outdoor patio, a hefty girl pulled a plastic bag filled with pizza out of her purse and drunkenly offered free slices to the smokers chatting nearby. Two guys eyed her warily. The girl they were with smiled and declined. "What are you, on a diet or something?" pizza girl asked angrily. "I hate skinny bitches." She wandered away, munching on pepperoni, ensuring that Kells avoided anymore Jersey Shore behavior.

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