My Favorite Show of 2009: No Depression Festival

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Gillian Welch, the love of my life
I forced myself only to pick one Marymoor Park show for this list, because I had such a jolly good time at all of them that they probably would've comprised half my list otherwise. But it seemed unfair to do that, because the venue is so obviously superior to any other venue in or around this city that any show I see there takes on automatic significance.

But this one wasn't just special because of where it took place. It was special because it brought two of my favorite artists together, one of whom I'd loved for years and years, but never saw live (Gillian Welch) and one who actually played a request my friend and I passed up to him on a piece of paper (Sam Beam). It was special because the weather was perfect and I was surrounded by wonderful people. And if I could travel back in time to relive just one show from the past year, this is the one I'd pick.

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