Meanwhile on the Daily Weekly, Krist Novoselic On the Soundgarden Reunion Rumor, and Our Seats in D.C.

In case you missed it last week, columnist Krist Novoselic addressed -- and put to rest -- the rumor that Soundgarden was going to reunite for Coachella, and talked about Nirvana's role in getting Ben Shepherd into the band.

"Their 1990 major-label debut, Louder Than Love was great," Novoselic says. "Soundgarden left the indie/underground sphere to tour with big-name rock bands. For a while, Nirvana was a four-piece with Jason Everman on guitar. That didn't work out, and after Hiro left, Jason joined Soundgarden to play bass. Nirvana did a tour of the Midwest, and this Bainbridge Islander named Ben Shepherd came on the road with us to help with gear. One thing led to another, and Ben joined Soundgarden as the bassist!"

In this week's column, Krist goes long on the possibility of a new congressional district in Washington, and how partisan gerrymandering has played a role in 21st Century politics.

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