Lady GaGa Poses Naked in Kanye West's Arms

David LaChapelle
Now here's a visual to wake you up on this drab Tuesday afternoon: Kanye West posing Rambo style with Lady Gaga naked in his arms, a volcano erupting behind them. (Can you resist the urge to giggle? I couldn't.)

Famed photographer David LaChapelle's new series featuring the two egomaniacs pop stars has already generated plenty of buzz. What does the image represent? Bloggers have eagerly begun offering their interpretations, suggesting it provides commentary on everything from racial stereotypes to the perils of fame.

Well, I don't know about all that. But I do know that LaChaphelle sure as hell can grab our attention and hold it. Check out two of my favorite LaChapelle shots, of Lil' Kim and the late Brittany Murphy, after the jump.

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