Download Gabriel Teodros' Free Mixtape, A Jitter Generation

GTs Ethiopium.jpg
You've gotta love this Photoshop job.
Unfortunately, Gabriel Teodros never made it out of the country to Europe and Africa as he planned. Instead, he's been on the East Coast making music. Since he's been there, he's been a busy guy. In addition to finishing a collaborative project with Amos Miller and recording more songs for his upcoming album, Colored People's Time Machine, he made a mixtape. You can read about it on Gabriel Teodros' site, which is also where you must go to download the mixtape, because Teodros explains the project (and his reasons for making it) in his own words much better than I can. Basically, it's him adding his rhymes to Oh No's new instrumental project, Ethiopium. Unofficially, you can call it Gabriel Teodros' Ethiopium; officially, it's called A Jitter Generation Mixtape because none of the songs are longer than two minutes. If nothing else, it'll tide you over until Teodros gets back and puts out Time Machine.

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