A.M. Music News: Wood Gets Warning, Spears Lashes Back, THEESatisfaction Releases X-Mas EP

The Morning Benders are coming back to Seattle.
It's a slow music news day, as most publications are reveling in their end of year/decade lists. If you had to know, Taylor Swift was voted Entertainer of the Year by the AP. Tina Fey won last year.

-- Yahoo: Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones received a formal warning from the British authorities; he was arrested earlier in the month for assault.

-- AP: The WTO declares China's import restrictions on American media to be unfair. "Today America got a big win," said U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk. Also, "Analysts and observers believe these Sino-American trade fights are only the beginning as President Barack Obama's administration will likely file more cases against China."

-- Billboard: As a counter to the year-end lists in which she is very unlikely to be included, Britney Spears (or rather, her blog's handlers) released a list of the top 75 most ridiculous headlines posted about her this year. More than 13,000 articles were written about Spears in 2009.

-- Pitchfork: The Morning Benders descend upon Seattle, playing the Crocodile on 4/2; The Clientele will play the Tractor on 3/12; Califone is added to the Wilco line-up at the Paramount on 2/10.

Download Now: For those of us growing nauseous at the omnipotence of sappy holiday music, the Black Power Arrangers (a mysterious collective of artists that is rumored to include THEESatisfaction and OC Notes) have released a six-song EP entitled Christmas on the Moon. Fractioning and riffing off Christmas classics, it is fizzy, spaced-out, mellow, tightly harmonized, and an antidote to the standard schmaltz. Download here.

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