A.M. Music News: Pop Matters on the Maldives, Hendrix on eMusic, and Muse's Return Flight

Justin Dylan Renney
Muse returns to Seattle for a KeyArena gig on April 2. Watch a slideshow of Muse, Vampire Weekend, and Metric at Deck the Hall Ball.
-- Pop Matters: The Maldives' Listen to the Thunder placed eighth on the site's year-end Americana list. Congrats, dudes.

-- The complete Jimi Hendrix catalogue is coming to eMusic. The subscription services says the "core" of the catalogue will be up January 1. In short, this means subscribers (like myself) will be able to "purchase" his records at a fraction of the price one would on, say, iTunes. Nice.

-- NME: A new Andrew W.K. record's due in February.

-- Reverb: After rocking the WaMu Theater last night at Deck the Hall Ball, Muse will return to Seattle for an April 2 gig at KeyArena.

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