107.7 The End Claims Its Twitter Account Was Under the Control of an Imperius Curse

Even muggle-born witches can spew the unforgivable Imperius curse. Any guesses who cast the curse?
Or, more specifically, that their account was under the control of a spell-throwing hacker when it spewed: "Not all Muslims are terrorists--but nearly all terrorists are Muslims. Time to accept profiling America."

107.7 the End's program director, Mark Kaplan, told the Daily Weekly's Caleb Hannah: "We feel someone on the outside either grabbed an account left open or gained access to the password. We've taken a few extra precautions (changing passcode, immediate activity alerts) to hopefully blunt any attack like this again. If we learned one thing it's to eavesdrop more frequently during specialty pre-recorded programming between the holidays, weekends, etc."

And now back to their regularly scheduled Chili Peppers.

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