What Concert Would YOU Postpone a Breakup For?

I received a text message from my boyfriend this morning that read: Hey, can you get tix to U2's Seattle concert? Thinking he knew something I didn't, I Googled U2 tour dates only to find that the band isn't coming here until June 2010. My boyfriend and I have been dating for three months. And while things are going great, the cynical part of me couldn't help but wonder if these tickets would have any impact on whether we stayed together, if things started to go south.

I posed this question to my boyfriend who replied defensively, "I don't like U2 that much. I was just wondering."

I believe him (I think). He's a standup guy. But I also know there are writers here at the Weekly - who've requested anonymity - that have stayed with someone they couldn't stand for the sole purpose of seeing the Dave Matthews Band or attending Sasquatch. And yours truly had major regrets when she broke up with her then-boyfriend just two weeks before the Elton John concert and he sold her ticket.

So 'fess up. Have you ever postponed a breakup for the sake of an awesome concert? Or is there a band you want to see perform live so badly that you'd put up with your soon-to-be ex for just a little bit longer? Be honest...

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