Things I Learned at the Macklemore Show on Friday at Nectar...

--The Physics are working on a new album.

And judging by the response the boys' set received, it can't drop too soon.

--Wizdom is taking a short break from music and a longer one from booze.

Both of which sadden me, a music-loving functioning alcoholic.

--Scribes is not Ryan Lewis.

I may have written profiles of both of these guys, but that doesn't mean I can tell them apart. White kids in rap: You all look alike.

--Macklemore's jean jacket is better than yours.

I bet that thing was made by Jordache.

--Maker is a cool dude.

The producer of Grayskul's new album, Graymaker, was in town from Chi-Town and ready to chop it up about everything stupid thing that came into my head.

--The Nextdoor Neighbors were out of place at a hip-hop show.

But that doesn't mean the lo-fi electronic folk duo isn't good. Hardly. I must see, and hear, more of these girls.

--Larry Mizell, Jr., still kicks hard.

Once again, I've got the softball-sized welt on my shin bone to prove it.

--Onry Ozzborn wears leather gloves.

Why? Because he fucking can.

--JFK randomly spits Ghostface Killah lyrics in lieu of actual conversation.

Why? Because, well, lemme know if you know, because I don't.

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