The Bit Saloon Is Still Open...And With Your Support, Will Hopefully Stay Open

After reading an announcement that one of my favorite Ballard bars, the Bit Saloon, would be closing its doors for good this past Sunday, November 1, on the venue's MySpace page, I was pretty upset. Until I found out today (via Hannah Levin) that the powers that be have decided to keep the Bit open in hopes of recouping their needed funds, rather than throwing in the towel. Tugboat Jim, who's worked at the Bit on and off for about five years, says that bartenders and staff are chipping in extra to help out and that the bar's still hosting most of its scheduled shows (for updated show info, check the Bit's MySpace page.) If you're interested in keeping this ancient Ballard institution alive, head on down there and have a drink; happy hour's from 2-7 every day, a time during which PBR tallboys are $2 and pleasantly stiff well drinks are $3.

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