Scenes From a Sunless City: Dark Time Sunshine's Video Stills

The gauzy filigree that hung over the city today put me in mind of the haunting hip-hop on Dark Time Sunshine's new album, Believeyoume, the listening party for which was held Saturday at the Rendezvous. (You can download the album for free here.)

I failed to perform my soldierly duty and attend the show, as I was still recovering from a week's worth of Tampa Bay solar rays. But I did get my newly tanned paws on three images from the video that premiered Nov. 21 at the Belltown venue. Directed by Christian S. Hansen and filmed in Seattle, the video--which encompasses the songs "Doom," "Go Team," and "The Wrong Kids"--is as-yet unavailable to the public. Nevertheless, the Michael Mann-ish triptych after the jump hints at the cloud cover the album conjures. A lot of dark time and little sunshine ahead, I'm afraid.

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Doom_DTS.jpeg
From the "Doom" segment of the video.

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Doom_DTS_2.jpeg
From the "Doom" segment of the video.

From the "Go Team" segment of the video.
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