Re: Splitting With Management, Chris Ballew Says PUSA's Ready for the "Next Phase of Our Career"

Chris Kornelis
Chris Ballew, with the Presidents, at The Gorge.
As we mentioned yesterday, The Presidents of the United States of America split with manager David Meinert recently, and frontman Chris Ballew tells me via email that:

"Basically we are ready to go on to the next phase of our career and shaking things up feels healthy for all parties involved. We respect David and his management skills and hope his future is bright! We are excited to focus our business and get more streamlined for a spell as we toddle toward our happy future as a band."

What that future is remains somewhat unclear, Ballew says. For now, he's working on his music for kids, Casper Babypants, and "we are just enjoying that thing called regular life and gathering steam for the next phase whatever that is."

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