Ragin' Asian: Meet Amber, Belltown's Classiest Broad

Amber (2214 1st Ave) looks like an Aspen ski cabin that a celebrity might show off on MTV Cribs. It's spacious with high ceilings, decorated in warm tones, and has a four-sided bar that's bigger than most college dorm rooms. The crowd however, consists more of professionals in their mid to late-20s than it does students. Translation: It offers more of a social experience than the whole wordless chugging of AMFs to get wasted.

The bar was packed with singles and groups of friends mingling over overpriced drinks on Saturday night. (To be fair, they do offer complimentary coat check.) The attire ranged from casual - girls in jeans and sweaters, guys in baggy clothes - to cocktail - satin dresses and dress pants. Of course, looks can be deceiving. A blonde girl complimented on her seemingly pricey red dress enthusiastically divulged, "Believe it or not, I got this at T.J. Maxx!" The other girl's response: "Gross."

Over in the lounge area, two guys in their late 20s chatted up a group of cougars mature women with cringe inducing lines like, "Are you models?" The women giggled delightedly and accepted their offer of a round of shots. Upstairs, the scene consisted of a newlywed couple celebrating their union with friends and family over cocktails and countless photos.

Overall, the ambiance is a lot classier than that at the many bars that line First Avenue in the Belltown neighborhood--which is probably why Amber has won honors like "Best Pick Up Spot" and "Best Singles Scene" on NWSource and AOL Cityguide. Sometimes, it's nice to chat people up who don't look or act like they've had every STD under the sun.

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