Last Night: Reptet Set the Agendacide at The Tractor

Chris Kornelis
Reptet played The Tractor on Thursday, November 19.
The Band: Reptet is a local six-piece modern jazz ensemble that came to work in NASA space suits, with a couple members accessorizing with a bear cap and a bandana, respectively.

The Gig: Reptet celebrated the release of their 7" entitled Agendacide, at The Tractor

The Sound: Band geek mating calls. At one point they were singing about "Chicken or Beef," intermittently making their clarinets and voices sound like primates in heat.

Right, the instruments: The six members' arsenal includes tuba, trombone, tenor saxophone (at least two), trumpet, coronet, flute, bass flute, slide coronet, double bass, electric bass, banjo, penny whistle, tambourine, alto sax, and, um, was that a flugelhorn?

Show Notes: The band mutated throughout the set, running the spectrum from multi-instrumental dance band to something comparable to the house band for Merrie Melodies cartoons, with all the bells, whistles, wood blocks, time signatures, and intricate charts (though the band played for memory) that entails.

At their best, five of the band members act as rhythm section, laying down a thick, danceable groove while the remaining member blasts through a solo. Trumpet (among other instruments) player Samantha Boshnack's range and ideas in her solos were particularly impressive.

Opening Act: I walked through the door just before gypsy-swing outfit Orkestar Zirkonium serpentined through the crowed and called it a night. Damn, if I'd known 9 p.m. meant 9 p.m. I would have been there at 9 p.m.

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