Last Night: Shwayze & LMFAO Turn Showbox SoDo into Animal House


Last Night: Shwayze & LMFAO Turn Showbox SoDo into Animal House

  • Last Night: Shwayze & LMFAO Turn Showbox SoDo into Animal House

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    LMFAO and Shwayze played at Showbox SoDo on Thursday, November 12, 2009.
    Who: The Party Rock tour featuring Los Angeles hip-house duo LMFAO, Malibu rapper Shwayze, and short sets by Space Cowboy, Paradiso Girls, and Far East Movement.

    What they have in common: They all sing about sex, drugs, and alcohol. Case in point: Shwayze's biggest hit is the ode to bathroom sex "Get U Home" featuring Cisco Adler... you know, that dude who got dumped by Mischa Barton after pictures of his huuuuge balls leaked on the Internet. 'Nuff said.

    Crowd check: Sold out show. Teens and 20-somethings dressed like they were hitting the club. We spotted one girl wearing a skirt so short that her ass cheeks were showing. (I don't know if she was wearing a thong or going commando.)

    Best overhead conversation: "I feel like I'm at a really slutty high school talent show." - A guy to his friends during the Paradiso Girls' set.

    A few notes on the Paradiso Girls: Five really hot girls from five different countries - United States, United Kingdom, France, Barbados, Philippines. They danced, lip-synced, and yelled things like "Who are we gonna do tonight?!?" and "Who's having a really sexy time?!?" Did I mention they're really hot?

    A few notes on Shwayze: He led the crowd through a near 60-minute set, including of course, his hit "Get U Home." Disturbingly, even the 15-year-old girls in the crowd were singing with gusto, "Take me in the bathroom! Take my clothes off!" Yeesh. Cisco was there backing his boy up. Aghast that my friends weren't familiar with the "Ballgate" scandal, I made one Google image it on his iPhone. His response: "Whoa. It's like he has Elephantiasis... on his balls."

    A few notes on LMFAO: Redfoo and Sky Blu charged through a high-energy set that had everyone dancing and singing along. For their current single, "I'm in Miami, Bitch," they replaced Miami with Seattle - an obvious move, but it drove the crowd absolutely nuts.

    Biggest WTF moment: Three of the five Paradiso Girls getting their drink on after their set in the SODO bar. Nobody recognized them. C'mon! They might not be famous, but they were onstage just five minutes before. The only person who approached them was one of my friends, who having just gone through a humiliating breakup, hoped that his ex would be furious if he posted a photo on Facebook of him hanging out with three ridiculously hot women.

    Show highlight: I'm gonna go with LMFAO. These dudes remind me of the bands that played at Wazzu's frat parties back when I was in college -- but in a good way. They looked like they were genuinely having a blast, as did the crowd. We were dancing like we had to pay the rent in the morning and obnoxiously texting/ tweeting/yelling "I'm in Seattle, bitch!"

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