It's Official: Pavement's Playing Sasquatch! 2010


Yep: Sasquatch 2010! goes down at the Gorge on May 29, 30, and 31

Tickets: Three-day passes are on sale now for $170 via Ticketmaster

Other Bands: The complete lineup will be announced on Feb. 16. Follow Reverb for bands to start trickling out.

We actually were given the Pavement news Friday morning, but the news was embargoed until right now. You should have seen the look on Sara Brickner's face when I told her. I'm sure she's not the only one who was considering a trip to NYC for a reunion show. This is a coup, obviously, for Sasquatch! to come out and snag one of what will surely be the hot summer festival gets. Now, if they'd hurry up and book Dylan or Willie Nelson to mix it up, we'll be in good shape.

In related news, we'd like to thank all that is holy that Sasquatch! is keeping itself at three days and not making good on those rumors to stretch to four. There ain't enough medicated Gold Bond in the world to make that comfortable.

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