Hey, Look, Nirvana's Bleach Was Reissued Today

In case you missed 'em, we've got a few pieces to mark the occasion:

-- Nirvana co-founder/bassist Krist Novoselic interviews Bleach drummers Dale Crover and Chad Channing

-- Jack Endino: Recording Nirvana Before They Were Nirvana

-- Bleach Signaled Chaos Around the Corner

-- Back in Bleach

Here's a piece of Novoselic's interview with Channing that was cut for space:

Novoselic: Was Bleach punk or rock?

Channing: Even though Kurt did things that could be in your face, there was a light flavoring pop tone. Because of his singing and vocal melodies - a popsensical way of doing things. If he was screaming all the time it would be more of a punk thing, so it was more pop - metal.

Novoselic: Grunge was taking off at the time. There was a cohesive Seattle scene.

Channing: Like Mudhoney was at the forefront.

Novoselic: They were a great band. They toured the UK to great reviews.

Channing: They were the spearhead. At that time, was there even a word "grunge"?

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