Gay Joke of the Week, Courtesy of Solomon Georgio

Last night's 10-comic marathon at the Comedy Underground marked the first of six semi-final rounds in the Seattle International Comedy Competition, now in its 30th year. Finishing a well-deserved second and standing a good chance advancing to the final round (which climaxes with a Nov. 29 Moore Theatre laugh-off) was Seattleite Solomon Georgio (pictured), a tall, lanky, man of Ethiopian descent who happens to be gay.

Most gay dudes aren't all that enthralled with homophobes. But not Georgio, who during his 10-minute set quipped (I didn't write the joke down, so this is a really close facsimile): "I support homophobes. Homophobes, I got your back. Homophobia is the number one cause of gay people. I'm not about to bite the hand that's going to make the hand that's going to touch my penis."

Solid, baby. Solid.

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