Faust and Plastic Ono - Enduring Music

Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band
Here are some recent music purchases.

Faust IV Faust was important in the experimental music coming out of West Germany in the early 1970's. IV was originally released in 1974 and this 2006 reissue comes with a second CD of alternate takes, and Peel Session recordings. It's a good listen throughout. The first song on the release is even called "Krautrock" - the loose term / slur for German music of the era. "Krautrock" is an instrumental shot back at smart-assed music journalists that came up with the term. It's a good jam with both versions on the reissue. However good the tune is, the term needs to be put to rest. Faust and the other German bands hold up well today and calling the music Krautrock is the only tired and dated aspect about it all.

Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band Between My Head and the Sky The first Yoko Ono musical work that really grabbed me was 1971's Fly. Listening to the epic "Mindtrain" was the threshold to where I "got" Yoko. Between My Head and the Sky is a continuation of that understanding - really good modern music with Ono's original vocals. It only gets better with lyrics that remind us of the kind and wonderful universe.

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