A.M. Music News: David Brooks, Springsteen, GQ, and a Comfortable Sweater With Your Beard

David Belisle
Fleet Foxes
-- LiveDaily: Galactic's returning to town for a gig at The Showbox on February 26. They're also playing the reopened Nightlight in Bellingham on February 24.

-- GQ: On beards and Fleet Foxes: "I aspire to be someone who doesn't shave, who lives in a comfortable sweater, cradling a warm cut of herbal tea beside a frozen lake--but I prefer my pop stars to be otherwise." (GQ is hiding this article online very well.)

-- TwentyFourBit: Ben Gibbard and Jay Farrar cover Tom Waits' "Old Shoes". They've got video.

-- New York Times: I guess I shouldn't be surprised that one of the best music pieces of the year comes from Op-Ed columnist David Brooks: "Over the next few decades Springsteen would become one of the professors in my second education. In album after album he assigned a new course in my emotional curriculum."

-- Pitchfork: Well, look at that, The Strokes are not only headed back into the studio, they've lined up their first show in more than three years.. Read our interview with frontman Julian Casablancas over here.

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