A.M. Music News: Aerosmith's Shopping For a Singer, Morrissey's Still Not Finishing His Shows

This magazine is not yet online, but Visqueen's Rachel Flotard looks great on the cover.
Billboard: Aerosmith is still making music.

Billboard: Aerosmith is looking for a new lead singer.

NY Times: UC, Santa Cruz is looking for a Grateful Dead archivist.

LiveDaily: Eminem's gonna make another movie. It's called Shady Talez. I shit you not.

Pitchfork: We've found Morrissey's Kryptonite.

NME: !!! drummer Jerry Fuchs has died after falling down an elevator shaft in NYC.

Rolling Stone: The other guys from Sublime cannot perform as Sublime. But the seven or eight versions of the Coasters may continue their previously-scheduled casino gigs.

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