A.M. Music News: Bonnaroo's Booked, Pops Is Still Important, and Then There's Adam Lambert

-- LiveDaily: Hippies and hipsters unite: Bonnaroo 2010 dates have been announced. And for five easy payments of $50, you, too, can spend June 10 to 13 on a farm outside Nashville.

-- MTV: Speaking of Bonnaroo ... Kings of Leon drummer Nathan Followill met Jessie Baylin there in 2006. Last week the two wed.

-- Pitchfork: Death Cab, Band of Horses are on the new Bridge School Benefit collection.

-- Rolling Stone: 1,500 people complain about Adam Lambert's AMA performance. Maybe if that many people had objected to his Idol sets ...

-- NY Times: On a 1933 Louis Armstrong performance of "Dinah," Ben Ratliff says, "This is a short and efficient answer for why he was and is important."

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