You've Never Heard These Nirvana Stories Before

Photo by Krist Novoselic
Chad Channing, left, and Kurt Cobain in 1989.
At least not like this. In tomorrow's print and online editions we've got a package of stories about Nirvana's 1989 debut album, Bleach, which Sub Pop is re-issuing on Nov. 3 as something of a 20th anniversary deluxe edition. In the first ever interviews of their kind, SW columnist/Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic interviews Chad Channing and Dale Crover, the drummers on the record. They reminisce about making the record, practicing in Aberdeen, inviting friends over to practice because they knew they'd bring beer, and, of course, they remember their friend Kurt Cobain. Special stuff, if I do say so myself. We'll be unveiling them tomorrow morning with a few more Bleach goodies. For now, here's a taste of what's to come:

Novoselic Interviews Crover:

Novoselic: How old were you when you started with the Melvins?

Crover: 16.

Novoselic: I remember those Melvins rehearsals. What a serious affair. Just practice, practice, practice. Other kids would come around and hang around the back porch for those rehearsals. Remember this dude Kurt Cobain?

Crover: He knew Buzz and Matt from school in Montesano. Buzz says that Kurt was a good baseball player.

Novoselic: If Kurt took something on, he was usually good at it. Like I'd like to watch him play pinball. He'd rack up high scores. I can see him good at baseball. And when he applied himself to art it was great.

Novoselic Interviews Channing:

Novoselic: To save money, we didn't screw around. I thought we had a good work ethic.

Channing: Oh, no, maybe a break to run to the store, or maybe a snack request from Jack (Endino, the album engineer).

Novoselic: Yes, Jack was into snacks. It seemed like it would take him 20 minutes to eat a single potato chip. He'd look at it, talk to you, look at it some more, examine it, and after an hour he'd eat it!...I think one of the best songs you and I worked together on was "Big Cheese." Kurt came up with that two-note riff for the verses. You and I took off for that instrumental bridge. I went up high on the neck of the bass and you did that great double kick!

Channing: That's one of my favorite songs. You know why it really worked for me? My friends and I would play our 45s on 33rpm. It would sound deeper and heavier at that speed.

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