View part one in this series here ; part two is right here .

Oh, dearest Iron Maiden , where to begin? It was probably


The Heavy 10: Counting Down to Seek and Destroy, Day 3

View part one in this series here; part two is right here.

Oh, dearest Iron Maiden, where to begin? It was probably Steve Harris's bass playing that made me fall in love with metal in the first place, so I owe them a great deal. Much like Metallica and Judas Priest, picking one favorite Maiden album is an exercise in futility (I may have to surrender this fantasy at some point deeper into the countdown next week).

However, if go with the first Maiden record that pricked my ears, it would definitely be Piece of Mind. I have distinct memories of my ears turning painfully bright red because I couldn't stop listening to "The Trooper" over and over while pressing my headphones harder onto my ears. The way Dave Murray and Adrian Smith's twin guitar lines darted and danced around each other was endlessly mesmerizing to me--like trying to solve a math equation that resulted in a different answer every time. Exceptionally awesome clip of them doing "The Trooper" in Tokyo after the jump...

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