Sunday Night: The Seattle Pianist Collective and Music the Consul Could Die Happy To

Rafael Anton Irisarri performs Nov. 1 at SAM. Doors at 2 p.m., and tickets begin at $10.
When I think about the Day of the Dead, I think about the Consul's final 24 hours stumbling around drunk Under the Volcano and of his final resting place: a ditch occupied by a dead dog. Probably not the image the good folks behind the Dia de los Muertos celebration Nov. 1 at the Seattle Asian Art Museum had in mind, but it's a creepy holiday and thus deserving of Malcolm Lowry's fucked up end to his fucked up novel.

Also: The quintet of ivory tinklers (Dawn Clement, Oksana Ezhokina, Julie Ives, Peter V. Stevens, and Kelly Wyse) who make up the event's headlining musicians, the Seattle Pianist Collective, will have at least one guest on-hand worthy of Lowry's dipsomaniacal vision: Seattle-based electronic DJ/producer and "multi-instrumentalist" Rafael Anton Irisarri. The strategic development director of the Decibel Fest and a member of avant electronic act the Sight Below, Irisarri smears sounds across time and space the way a painter spreads colors on a canvas. Strings and keys mingle with the mundane to form patterns of such exquisite delicacy that it barely registers the songs are moving at a sloth-like pace. Call it ambience--or music the Consul could die happy, if slowly, to.

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