Seattle Weekly Announces Its New Music Editor

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I'm delighted to announce that we're promoting Chris Kornelis, our Web Editor, into the job of Music Editor. Chris has already been overseeing our online coverage of all the major music festivals, including our work on this year's Bumbershoot, which, in my opinion, was the strongest in town. He's proven over the past three years that he's got the passion, creativity, humor, and managerial smarts to take Reverb, and the weekly print section, to new levels of excellence.

His own music writing is always clever, fair-minded, and informed. He takes no pleasure in pissing on people, but neither is he a pushover or P.R. man. He loves indie rock but has open ears for everything else. He is well-versed in the current scene, but also knows the history. (Our cover package this week on Bleach was his baby.) He's into the obscure, but has a pop sensibility too. And, as the Uptight Seattleite noted of Mike McGinn, Chris is also the most huggable of the candidates for the position, and the only one to play drums in a Foo Fighters cover band.

Fortunately Chris will continue to have some fantastic contributors at his disposable, including Sara Brickner, a gifted wordsmith and fanatical chronicler of the local scene; Erika Hobart, who's already capturing the DJ/dance world in her Ragin' Asian column and is a scholar of trash-pop to boot; our intern Hollis Wong-Wear, queen of the Twitterviews, and a fun, talented writer on dance music and hip-hop; plus a bunch of great freelance contributors, such as Hannah Levin, clubs expert and ambassador to the metal world.

This is a great team of people who are going to do amazing work. I think you'll be very happy with what they produce.

--Mark Fefer

Editor, Seattle Weekly

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