REVERB Review: Shenandoah Davis is Fierce and Flawless

Katrina Herzog
Shenandoah Davis played Hattie's Hat, Saturday, as part of Seattle Weekly's REVERB Festival. Click around for complete coverage of REVERB 2009.
Who: Shenandoah Davis

Where: Hattie's Hat

When: 8:30 p.m.

When Shenandoah Davis played "Milagros"--a song filled with rolling piano trills--on Saturday night, she did so flawlessly, hitting every note on her electric keyboard. That expertise is the most captivating part of Davis' live shows: she plays standing in the middle of the stage, her keyboard and microphone in front of her, effortlessly performing her vocal aerobatics and intricate keystrokes. The tiny back room at Hattie's Hat has the perfect acoustics for Davis's ragtime-influenced pop, but she pounded the keys and projected her voice like she was playing at Benaroya Hall. Even the audience knew they were seeing a special kind of talent. When Davis told the audience how excited she was to watch other bands on REVERB's lineup after her own set, an audience member yelled, "You mean there's something else after this?"

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