REVERB Review: Unnatural Helpers Find Their Libations Unhelpful

Laura Musselman
Unnatural Helpers performed at the Sunset Tavern, Saturday, as part of Seattle Weekly's REVERB Festival. Click around for complete coverage of REVERB 2009.
Who: Unnatural Helpers

When: 10:30 p.m.

Where: Sunset Tavern

Unnatural Helpers' songs are catchy little pop ditties that are the soft center of the band's hard, rough-hewn, '60s garage-rock shell -- the stuff you're really going for when you're working away at that rock and roll Tootsie Pop. But these guys party like punks, which became evident when they started to play a song, then stopped three bars in because someone in the band (I think it was the drummer and lead vocalist, but I couldn't see over so many tall men) said, "No, stop. I'm too drunk to play that song." If they hadn't said anything, though, we wouldn't have known how drunk they were (or cared). Especially this one gentleman, who out-enthused everyone else at the show. He was easily in his forties (his hair was more salt than pepper), but he had forgotten his ID and had to argue his way in the door. Fortunately, he'd hit upon a rare thing in Washington State: a bouncer who hears reason. The man proceeded to shove his way to the front and rock out harder than any of the people around him -- all of whom must've been at least a decade his junior. If I was in a band, I'd hire that guy to come to all my shows -- but then again, you just can't fake enthusiasm like that.

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