REVERB Review: Fatal Lucciauno and Spaceman Should Start a Group

Who: Fatal Lucciauno and Spaceman

Where: New York Fashion Academy

When:7:30 p.m.

There's a reason why Fatal Lucciauno is the most toted street rapper in Seattle. He's got the presence and the braggadocio to match most wannabe "gangster" rappers in the country, and actually has the background to back it up. His labelmate and partner in rhyme, Spaceman, has the same thing going for him, and while I like the two of them doing solo shows, it hit me for the first time at REVERB that they would actually sound just as good if not better as a group. During Fatal's high energy set at New York Fashion Academy, Spaceman was on stage the entire time, basically being his 'hypeman." But their connection is so tight that Spaceman looked awkward only throwing in adlibs and echoes during Fatal's raps. These guys should be a duo, even if it only lasts for one EP or album, and hopefully they take this advice to heart. I overheard a couple of people murmuring something to the same effect. The two are practically brothers offstage and it showed. All they need to do now is think of a group name and they will be all set.

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