REVERB Review: GMK Gets The Kids Moving

Katrina Herzog
GMK played Ballard's New York Fashion Academy, Saturday, as part of Seattle Weekly's REVERB Festival. Click around for complete coverage of REVERB 2009.
Who: GMK

When: 5:30 p.m.

Where: NY Fashion Academy

It is GMK's sincerity that wins over his crowds; although there were only a handful of people to greet him at the beginning of his set, audience members were pulled in not only by GMK's electro-charged, experimental beats but also by the attentiveness he exuded as he rapped. By the end of his set, as he performed singles like the hypnotic "Music Swinger," allusion-filled "Adult Swim" and his optimistic closing number which got the crowd chanting "let it go," GMK warmed the space with clear and confident flows. The biggest testament to his ebullient energy was his youngest audience; almost a dozen kids under the age of eight were leaping, grooving and breakdancing to the best of their abilities during his set. It was the third to last show he played in Seattle before heading down to the City of Angels, and his graciousness-- along with his smart, catchy tunes-- should serve him well as he branches out.

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