REVERB Audio: Joe Mallahan, Mike McGinn, and a Mayoral Debate That Won't Put You to Sleep, But Might Get You Buzzed

Justin Dylan Renney
Watch a slideshow of what it looks like when you feed whiskey to mayoral candidates. Complete coverage of Seattle Weekly's REVERB Festival is right here on our Reverb blog.
Seattle Weekly Managing Editor Mike Seely and our good friend/Long Winters frontman John Roderick hosted a mayoral debate at Conor Byrne between acts at last night's REVERB Festival. On the one hand, the debate was fairly standard: Candidates were asked questions of concern to local voters and were given a minute to answer. On the other, candidates were allowed to purchase an additional minute of response by taking a shot of whiskey. By the time the debate was over, Average Joe Mallahan had taken three shots, Mike "The Bike" McGinn had downed one, and both candidates had a chance to talk to voters about important issues like that new soccer field next to Quest, the revival of the waterfront streetcar, and the legacy of Chief Seattle.

Listen here to the entire debate, or you can download it. Please forgive a few audio flubs at the beginning.

REVERB Festival Mayoral Debate by ckornelis

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