Justin Martin
Library Science
Spanish for 100, Jezebel (self-released)

Spanish for 100 didn't initially wow me, but I have to say, the song "Spider" from


New Local Music Out This Week: Spiral Stairs, U.S.E., Little Pieces, Library Science, more

Justin Martin
Library Science
Spanish for 100, Jezebel (self-released)

Spanish for 100 didn't initially wow me, but I have to say, the song "Spider" from their new record (their fourth) is actually pretty rockin'. Anyway, they're having a CD release party at High Dive on Friday.

Try before you buy: You can download mp3s from the band's first three releases on their website, but you'll have to head to MySpace for the new stuff.

Spiral Stairs, The Real Feel (Matador)

Having been the drummer of Pavement means that any solo album you release had better be pretty fucking solid. This is not Scott Kannberg's first record, but it is his first as Spiral Stairs. Unfortuately, The Real Feel , which is pretty darn good, may wind up being eclipsed somewhat by all the Pavement reunion hoopla, but I'm hoping that doesn't happen.

Try before you buy: Where else? Also, if you hunt in the Matablog archive, you can find a couple mp3s.

U.S.E., Loveworld (Mannheim, Rebel Group, Sonic Boom, Sideout, OERC )

Even techno-haters like me have to admit that U.S.E. can rock a party with their simplistic nu-disco jams. It speaks volumes that my initial negative reaction has reversed itself. What can I say? They grew on me. Loveworld has been out on mp3 for a little while, but today is the analog release date (it was originally earlier, but got pushed back, I believe.)

Try before you buy: MySpace, of course, and you can download a few U.S.E. tracks from the "media" portion of the band's website. The band is also having a Halloween CD release party at the Vera Project, which is a solid reason to get yourself a costume if you didn't have one before.

Thadillac, Fleetfoot Broham (self-released)

Fleetfoot Broham is Thadillac's debut record of smooth soul stylings. He's a decent guitarist, but the only song you can hear of his online (to my knowledge) that substantiates this, "Greens and Grits," only hints at his skills on the guitar (he's also in the band Maktub.)

Try before you buy: If you want more than just "Greens and Grits," Thadillac's CD release party is this Saturday, October 24 at the Lo-Fi Performance Gallery.

Jason Parker Quartet, No More, No Less (self-released)

The Jason Parker Quartet is Jason Parker (trumpet), Josh Rawlings (piano), Evan Flory-Barnes (bass) and D'Vonne Lewis (drums), and though I'm not, nor did I ever claim to be, an expert on jazz, these guys do what they do very well -- and they don't muddy the waters with crappy vocals, as some otherwise-solid jazz groups have been known to do. And no, they did not just endear themselves to me because they happen to play a Nick Drake cover.

Try before you buy: You can stream the whole album here, as well as on the band's website. JPQ will perform at Lucid Jazz Lounge in the U-District this Saturday night, as well, and it is a free show (unless you buy the album.)

Library Science, Dolphin, (Happi Tyme Records)

Is it just me, or is it electronica CD release week? Library Science sounds like Black Moth Super Rainbow sexing with Junior Senior on speed while listening to dub music. I highly recommend checking these guys out if you haven't yet, as Dolphin is the band's third release. It comes out officially this Saturday, October 24 at the CD release show at ToST in Fremont.

Try before you buy: You can download a few older tracks on the Library Science website, or head to MySpace to hear some of the new material.

Little Pieces, Vampires Fill Their Waterbeds with Blood (self-released)

This EP is definitely strange, but in an endearing, engaging way.

Try before you buy: You can hear samples (wtf?) of three songs from the EP on MySpace.

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