Live Review: Tina Dico Rambles and Croons Her Way through Heartache

Who: Tina Dico

When: Wednesday, October 7 , 2009

Where: The Triple Door

Danish singer-songwriter Tina Dico played an intimate set last night that focused on, as she vaguely put it, "a guy I used to... know." That guy being one who never called when he was supposed to, lost his job, and had serious self-esteem issues. Which brings to mind the question: Who the hell is Dico dating?

The woman certainly knows how to spin her emotional baggage into gorgeous lovelorn melodies. Armed with an acoustic guitar and guest pianist Helgi Jonsson from Iceland, Dico pulled from her latest album Count to Ten to deliver 75 minutes of intimate and slightly neurotic confessions.

Yet, she balked at the idea that her sad, slow-tempo folk songs reflect her actual disposition. "I picked up a copy of the Seattle Weekly today, and they called me Miss Melancholy," Dico said with a bemused expression. "What do you think? Am I melancholy?" The crowd cheered. I squirmed. But I still stand by my statement.

Dico's voice is drenched with bruised emotion, much like that of her influence Tracy Chapman. It's the sort of voice you don't expect to come out of a petite individual like Dico. Throw in some sparse instrumentation and yearning lyrics, and well, you've got yourself Miss Melancholy. Hardly someone you'd want to have coffee with, but to see them sing their gorgeously composed woes from a safe distance is an entirely different matter.

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