Live Review: Ani DiFranco Sings a Different Tune @ The Moore

Laura Musselman
Ani DiFranco played The Moore Theatre on Saturday, October 24.
I hated high school. So great was my hatred that even to this day, I can't bring myself to look through any of my yearbooks. High school just isn't kind to girls with acne and weight problems. Back then, I found solace in ditching class to smoke cigarettes behind the bowling alley and more importantly, listening to musicians like Ani DiFranco.

The Buffalo hailing singer-songwriter and feminist icon wasn't surprised when I told her during a phone interview earlier this month that she helped me get through my teenage years. "I think it's because my early songs came from a young woman trying to become herself," she said.

Most of DiFranco's fans today, including myself, are females in their 20s and 30s who've gotten past the most rebellious and painful phases of their lives. DiFranco herself has settled down with a husband and is currently touring with their child in tow. "I don't know if you heard... but I'm all happy now," she joked when she took the stage at the Moore Theatre on Saturday night. She then proceeded to play a near-two hour set consisting almost entirely of new--and very happy--material. It went down well with fans because well, truth is, most of us are pretty happy these days too.

DiFranco performed several songs off her new album Red Letter Year, including the uncharacteristically upbeat "Present/ Infant" and "Smiling Underneath." Between songs, she chatted candidly with the crowd about sneaking off to Hawaii to get married, her support of President Obama, and the difficulty with which she listens to her own records.

But she didn't leave her still angst-ridden fans neglected. "I've been playing all my new happy songs and at a recent show, a girl yelled at me to play 'Grey' for the people that were still depressed," she said laughing. "So here it is... I'll dedicate this to the Seattle weather."

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