Jack Endino on Early Nirvana, and the Portland Show Being Released With the Bleach Re-Issue (+Free MP3s)

Courtesy of Sub Pop
Sub Pop's got free MP3s of "About a Girl" and a live version of "Scoff". Download away, and check out a few more pics and Nirvana goodies over here.
Couple things Jack Endino -- the producer/engineer who recorded Nirvana's debut, Bleach -- told me recently.

On the early Nirvana sound:

"They didn't come out of a vacuum. There was a certain sound among some people in Olympia, and Bainbridge Island, and Aberdeen and so-forth."

On the Pine Street Theater show in Portland (Feb. 9, 1990) getting released on Nov. 3 with the Bleach re-issue:

"It's a very typically early-1990 Nirvana show. Probably about as good as they got when Chad Channing was in the band. Chad plays drums extremely well on this. I think people will re-evaluate him. Because, of course, you know, with Dave Grohl following after -- who's one of the best drummers in the world -- Chad really hasn't gotten his due. He's much better than most people realize. Basically it rocks, that's all I'm saying."

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