Help Me, Masses: I Don't Know Where to Spend the Last Four Hours of REVERB

This image illustrates why missing The Girls' set is inconceivable to me
Okay, that's not entirely true. I know where I'll be at midnight: at the Maldives' show at the Tractor. I could watch those guys play a show every day and not get tired of them.

Here is my real dilemma: The Girls, Zera Marvel and THEE Satisfaction all go on at 9:30 at the Sunset, Conor Byrne and New York Fashion Academy, respectively. Half an hour later, Widower goes on at the Tractor Tavern at 10 p.m. At the same time, The Keeper goes onstage at the Bit Saloon. Then, at 10:30 p.m., the Unnatural Helpers go on back at the Sunset Tavern.

Why am I so worried about this? Because none of these bands have future shows scheduled in Seattle, except for THEE Satisfaction, and I have a prior engagement at that time. Bollocks.

Here is my tentative plan:

Check out the first twenty minutes of THEE Satisfaction, then head to the Sunset to check out twenty minutes of The Girls, run to the Tractor Tavern for the first half of Widower's set, then run to the Bit Saloon for the end of the Keeper's set, and finally, go BACK to the Sunset to catch the last half of the Unnatural Helpers. Just thinking about it makes me tired.

Am I totally deluded? Is this a completely unrealistic plan that will drive me to drink so much that I fall off the stage by the time I'm supposed to introduce the Maldives? I'm thinking having my bicycle wouldn't be such a bad plan, in order to cut down on travel time between venues (if you see some chick eat shit from atop a powder blue cruiser, it's me). And this plan still requires me to bank on Zera Marvel booking another local show soon.

If I must prioritize, both THEE Satisfaction and the Unnatural Helpers are going to be leaving the area for a while after this, so I should probably make a point of checking them out. Sure, I've seen THEE Satisfaction before, but you know, I just can't get (enough) of THEE Satisfaction, and four months is a long time to go without...satisfaction. Hah! I've also seen the Girls before...but I have similar feelings about the Girls. And all of these bands. Hmph.

No, but seriously. Help me out, here. Who should I go see? Basically, it's The Girls v. Zera Marvel v. THEE Satisfaction and Widower v. The Keeper. If you had to pick just two of these bands to see (one from the first set, and one from the second set), which would it be? Or should I just try to bust my ass and see everybody?

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