Zoe Muth Cancels; I Shed A Tiny Tear

Genevieve Pierson
Well, after I basically hounded our awesome booker Kwab Copeland to make sure Zoe Muth and her excellent band, the Lost High Rollers, made it onto this year's REVERB line-up, she is now unavailable to play it, I'm assuming because of scheduling conflicts. Sad.

You can, however, see her on September 11 at El Corazon, at least. And October 9 at the Conor Byrne. Not that this is much consolation to me. Ah, well. In the meantime, go listen to her music immediately, but make sure you're sitting down. And then buy her album at your favorite independent music retailer of choice. It is one of my top five local records to come out all year thus far and is absolutely an essential purchase for country music-loving people everywhere. If you happened to see me at the Maldives show on Friday front and center during her set, you know that's no lie.

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