Why is Courtney Love on Twitter?

Coutrney Love twitter.png
Did you know that Courtney Love is on Twitter? Did you want to know that Courtney Love is on twitter? Probably not, but now you do. The unnecessarily difficult frontwoman for the band Hole, and widow of Nirvana lead singer Kurt Cobain, appears to have her own Twitter account, and predictably, she tweets like a fucking lunatic. She's got over 40,000 followers and spends much of her time ranting about Kurt, being protective of Frances, rambling, and cursing people out.

I'm still skeptical to believe it's really her. Despite all of the typos and maniacal, stream of consciousness tweets, it seems too easy for this to be a fake account. But when you read it, it sort of makes sense. So if you're on twitter, follow @courtneylover79 and judge for yourself. And if you need some help actually deciphering what the hell Love is tweeting about, check out this story about a women who spends her time translating all of Love's tweets.

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