TBTL Canceled, I Die a Little Inside

KIRO FM's Too Beautiful to Live is no more. It was announced earlier today that tonight's episode will be the show's last. The sad news doesn't come as a surprise to the staff. Host Luke Burbank often jokingly referred to listeners as "the tens," acknowledging the low ratings.

But that doesn't make the loss any easier to deal with. TBTL is easily the best radio show in the city. It's the Seinfeld of the airwaves - a show about absolutely nothing that's entertaining as hell. Where else on the dial can you find three hour discussions revolving around Chuck E. Cheese, Tina Turner's rabid fans, and $3 meals?

Be sure to tune into tonight's episode from 7-10 p.m. And don't worry tens, TBTL will still be available as a podcast. Long live Luke!

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