Set Time Trauma: Black Flag Night and the Avengers

This evening's live music offerings present quite the dilemma for old school punk fans. The Avengers, Pansy Division, Paul Collin's Beat and Pranks all play at the Funhouse tonight. This city is full of Avengers fans who never got to see them the first time around, so I'm sure the house will pack out. However, the same will probably be true at the Comet, where Tad Doyle and Black Elk frontman Tom Glose are collaborating with Akimbo on a set of Black Flag covers. Android Hero and Spirit of Radio are also on the bill.

Unfortunately, seeing both the Avengers catching the Black Flag set will be tricky (although theoretically, not impossible). Here's the Funhouse line-up:

Pranks @ 8:30

Paul Collin's Beat @ 9:30

Pansy Division @ 10:30

Avengers @ 11:30

The Akimbo camp predicts that they are going on around "midnight-ish", which means one will have to jet in the middle of the Avengers' set in order to do both (and the BF set will be relatively short, 15 songs in 35 minutes). Tough call.

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