Ragin' Asian: Swapping Spit, Numbers, and Everything Else @ Peso's Kitchen and Lounge

The original plan of attack for Sunday night was to see Will.i.am spin records at Trinity Nightclub. But my colleague, a bachelor who only recently moved to Seattle, insisted we go somewhere with more women. More specifically, the kind of women Prince sings about in "Little Red Corvette."

Of course, that meant we ended up at Peso's. Lust springs eternal in the popular lower Queen Anne bar. The crowd consists almost entirely of drunk and attractive 20-something singles--meaning it's a breeding ground for hookups. Sure, plenty of other bars in the city are filled with horny people. But only at Peso's are those people so unabashedly upfront about their carnal desires.

We walked in a little after midnight only to be blocked from the bar by two people engaged in a serious makeout session. Ten minutes later, they pulled themselves apart from one another and the guy began circling the bar with a huge grin--presumably looking for his next partner. A conversation just a few feet away started off about Bumbershoot--"What's been the best act you've seen so far?"--and quickly turned to "Oh, I'm actually visiting from out of town. I'm staying in a hotel. Would you like to see my room?"

Still, Peso's is classier than most pick-up joints, as it operates as a restaurant during the day. The candlelit space contains Spanish-influenced d├ęcor and large spreads of seating. But it's still got that college drunk tank ambiance as well, thanks to the current Top 40 hits and '80s songs like "Sweet Child O' Mine" playing overhead.

The laidback atmosphere disappears only at last call, when the bar becomes a shark tank at 1:30 a.m. as drunk singles who haven't yet latched onto somebody engage in some last-minute efforts to find Mr. or Ms. Right Now. Those who fail--or are simply at the bar for a night out with friends--cut their losses and stumble a few blocks over to Dick's to satisfy their appetites for an entirely different kind of street meat.
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