New "Adult Swim" Video From GMK

GMK needle.jpg
Innovative Seattle rapper GMK, who we've lauded in the past, has a new video out and it's an audible and visual brain massage like all of the videos that he releases. Like most of his material, it's a play on internet culture.

The Columbia-City raised MC dropped his Songs For Bloggers EP earlier this year with short, extended snippet-length tracks aimed at the attention span of today's music listener. It was a really impressive and forward reaching project and I probably would have listed it in my Top Local Albums of 2009...So Far piece in July if it was a full album and not just an EP. Arguably, the best song on there is "Adult Swim" and local director Wes Goodlife did a good job with the video. Check it out after the jump. I'm so excited that GMK is performing at this year's REVERB on October 3rd.

GMK- ADULT SWIM from Mark Randall on Vimeo.

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